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Nautical Mastery: Row Boats & Canoes Model Collection

Embark on a voyage of discovery with Old Modern Handicrafts as you explore our Row boats and Canoes Model Collection. Every model is a masterpiece, blending precision, artistry, and a deep connection to the timeless elegance of watercraft. Discover Our Boat Models Explore our Boat Model Collection for an easy way to bring maritime charm into your space. Discover the Drakkar Viking Historic Boat Model, Viking Small Ship Model, and the timeless Boston Whitehall Tender. Our Wooden Model Hawaiian Canoe, a tribute to the grace of traditional Polynesian watercraft. The Indian Girl Canoe and Peterborough Canoe models pay homage to North American indigenous boat-building traditions, showcasing authenticity and cultural richness. We are providing high-quality and fully assembled models, including rowing boats and scale models. Why Choose Old Modern Handicrafts Boat Models? Artisan Excellence: Craft with care, using high-quality materials to create our models and achieve an authentic look. Diverse Selection:Find the perfect model for you with a varied assortment spanning different cultures and historical periods. Ideal for both model-building enthusiasts and those seeking ready-to-display options. Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping within the continental US, making it simple to bring your favorite model home. Celebrate Nautical Heritage with Old Modern Handicrafts Our Row Boats and Canoes Model Collection, featuring the Boston Whitehall Tender, is a nod to craftsmanship and the timeless connection between humanity and the sea. Each model captures the serenity and history associated with Canoe models, row boats, and scale models. It's time to add a nautical touch to your home effortlessly. Explore Boat Model Collection At Old Modern Handicrafts, we offer high-quality models that embody the essence of traditional boat design. Begin your maritime journey with us, and enjoy free shipping within the continental US as you find the perfect addition to your collection.

Row Boats / Canoes Model Collection

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Boston Whitehall Tender

Price: $ 219.47
Wooden Model Hawaiian Canoe
* * * * * 1 Ratings

Price: $ 219.65
Indian Girl Canoe

Price: $ 210.42
Peterborough canoe
* * * * * 1 Ratings

Price: $ 223.74
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Drakkar Viking Historic Boat Model

Price: $ 277.14
Viking Small Ship Model
* * * * * 4 Ratings

Price: $ 208.78
Wooden Canoe Boat Model

Price: $ 540.9
Kayak Wooden Boat Model

Price: $ 563.9
click here to view detail B083  click here to view detail B311  click here to view detail B318   
Venetian Gondola
* * * * * 2 Ratings

Price: $ 304.83
Drakkar Viking 6 inches

Price: $ 68.6
Drakkar Viking 12.5 inches

Price: $ 110.27

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