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11 best nautical decor ideas in 2024
Author: IRENE Date:5/29/2024 6:41:34 PM

The sea and its shores bring a peaceful vibe. That's why we love to bring nautical decor ideas into our homes, capturing that relaxing feel. Whether you're close to the beach or not, there are lots of ways to add this style to your space. The best part? You can customize it however you like, making it your own.

What is nautical decor style?

Nautical decor ideas are all about embracing a natural color scheme inspired by the sea. Unlike coastal decor, which brings the outdoors inside, nautical decor emphasizes its own unique symbols. Picture cabana stripes, seashell details, and maybe even a lifebuoy on the wall. It gives off a lively, preppy vibe for your home.

The history behind nautical decor ideas

Nautical decor ideas emerged in the nautical design scene during the 1980s, characterized by its reliance on model ships, anchors, seashells, and other maritime-themed ornaments. Initially popularized in seaside homes, the trend gradually spread across the United States. In recent years, nautical home decor ideas have waned in popularity, overshadowed by the rise of coastal design, which emphasizes a more contemporary and natural aesthetic. Despite their similarities, nautical and coastal design styles differ significantly in their elements and motifs. However, nautical decor ideas aren't completely out of style. Nowadays, many people give it a modern twist, stepping away from the heavy use of sailing themes seen in the 1980s.
11 best nautical decor ideas in 2024

11 Nautical Decor Ideas to try this summer

Here are some nautical decorating ideas to achieve a contemporary nautical theme in your home:

Nautical items - the best nautical decor ideas

Nowadays, contemporary nautical decor embraces more subtle representations of the sea. This might involve supporting local artisans by displaying coastal-inspired artwork or sculptures crafted from wood or shells. Or you can bring the theme to your walls with our sea-inspired wallpapers. Below are some suggested nautical items from Old Modern Handicrafts:

Nautical color schemes

Although navy and white reign as the quintessential maritime color scheme, there's room to embrace unexpected hues in your design. Take, for example, using a palette of refreshing sea green, which gives off a slightly retro vibe, along with crisp white. Adding earthy touches, such as the , can bring warmth to the space. Colors like pink and orange, inspired by seashells, can work wonders, especially in smaller spaces like powder rooms and entryways.

Back to Basics

While it might seem appealing to fill your home with a variety of nautical home decor ideas, sometimes less is more in interior design. Whether you're aiming for a full ocean-inspired makeover or just enhancing one room, a subtle approach to the design is often more effective. Avoid overwhelming your space with too many bright colors or excessive accessories.

11 best nautical decor ideas in 2024

Let Artwork Speak to the Theme

For a vintage sailing ambiance, consider creating a gallery wall with old and vintage-style skiff art. You can discover such sailboat art at Old Modern Handicrafts, often at affordable prices. When arranged creatively, the collection will exude sophistication and charm, adding a nautical touch without feeling tacky.

Classic Combo for cheap nautical decorating ideas

To further accentuate the "nautical" style for the room through the timeless navy-and-white stripes. This collection effortlessly channels maritime vibes with its classic navy-and-white stripes, creating a timeless and sophisticated look for any space. With a selection of oceanic artworks, throw pillows, and decor pieces in shades of blue and white, this combo perfectly captures the essence of coastal living. Whether you're decorating a living room, bedroom, or even a cozy coastal cottage, our collection is sure to bring a touch of seaside charm to your home.

Add Style With Stripes

Whether you live in the Hamptons or not, incorporating stripes tastefully can capture that iconic Hamptons style. Avoid overdoing it by using them selectively and avoiding overly coordinated looks. Timeless fabrics like ticking stripes or Breton stripes can give your home a blend of freshness and comfort. If you want a lasting style, striped wallpaper could be a great option to consider.
11 best nautical decor ideas in 2024

Hang Some Fun Lighting

In today's world of increasing pollution and population, homes are often compact. Well-placed windows are essential to make these small spaces feel like home. Nautical style thrives on good ventilation and ample sunlight. With white as the base tone, plenty of natural light brings a refreshing feel to the space, brightening up both the room and the mood of its occupants. Besides windows, artificial lighting also plays a crucial role. Traditional lamps and bulbs contribute greatly to the aesthetic of the nautical style, adding warmth and charm to the space.

Let the Sea Be the Star

If coastal living is your scene, consider adopting a minimalist vibe and letting the vast expanse of the rolling waves become the focal point of your home. Start by establishing a clean, neutral backdrop with essential furnishings and then incorporate subtle touches to enhance the coastal atmosphere.

Follow the 90-10 Rule

If you're unsure how to achieve the perfect blend of sophisticated nautical decor ideas without it feeling tacky, consider following the 90-10 rule. Make 90% of your home reflect the nautical home decorating ideas through colors and textures, and reserve the remaining 10% for literal nautical items - such as model ships, model boats, paintings and whales. Incorporate these literal touches through smaller decorative items like artwork, accessories or wallpaper, while keeping larger pieces focused on texture or color.

Dress Up Your Outdoors

While you meticulously design your indoor spaces, remember to also incorporate coastal-inspired charm into your outdoor areas. Extend this attention to detail to your porch, backyard, and even the exterior of your home.
11 best nautical decor ideas in 2024

Extend Your Living Space Outside

Regardless of whether you enjoy seaside views, a big part of coastal design is all about loving and using nature. Expand your living space to your backyard, deck, or patio with outdoor nautical decor ideas, such as creating an inviting and comfortable seating area. Integrate elements from indoors to outdoors to ensure a seamless and natural transition. nautical decorating ideas for outside

Explore Nautical Decor Ideas with Old Modern Handicrafts

Old Modern Handicrafts is a company that creates traditional handicrafts such as nautical decorations items, model ships, and wooden boats. Our commitment to making top-notch products sets us apart from other manufacturers. Our skilled artisans have years of experience. We are thrilled to showcase a vast collection of nautical home decor from all over the world. There are over 700 unique items in our collection. Each item is carefully selected to bring a touch of the sea into your home. Visit our Full Catalog to explore our wide range of products. Exploring nautical decor ideas reveals how effortless it is to infuse coastal charm into your home. Whether it's embracing nature or incorporating timeless navy-and-white stripes, the options are endless for capturing the essence of the sea in your space. Let's implement these ideas together to create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere in your home.
11 best nautical decor ideas in 2024

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11 best nautical decor ideas in 2024

Author: IRENE Date:5/29/2024 6:41:34 PM

The sea and its shores bring a peaceful vibe. That's why we love to bring nautical decor ideas into our homes, capturing that relaxing feel. Whether you're close to the beach or not, there are lots of ways to add this style to your space. The best pa ... (Read more)
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