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Crafting Timeless Elegance and Nautical Wonders Welcome to Old Modern Handicrafts, where the essence of maritime history and exquisite craftsmanship merge to bring you the most stunning collection of ship models and nautical decor. As a premier destination for wholesale and international delivery, our legacy spans generations, offering an unparalleled range of finely crafted items that adorn homes and offices with classic beauty and enduring artistry.
How did the story begin? At Old Modern Handicrafts, we're dedicated to preserving the tradition of ship models - a historical art beloved by many. With a deep passion for the sea and a keen eye for craftsmanship, our journey began in Vietnam. Our skilled artisans, deeply experienced in the art of traditional handicrafts, focus on building handcrafted model ships and nautical decor, ensuring each piece is a testament to quality and detail. Under the brand Old Modern Handicrafts, we take immense pride in curating one of the world's finest collections of ship models and nautical decor. With over 600 unique items, our diverse range encompasses ship models of various types, from yachts to battleships, cruisers, and tall ships, alongside a plethora of nautical-inspired home and office adornments.
Crafting Beauty: Our ship models go beyond mere replicas - they represent the dedication and artistry poured into each meticulously hand-built creation. Using a special "Plank-on-frame" technique, our master craftsmen invest countless hours into crafting these exquisite models, ensuring historical accuracy, attention to detail, and a touch of uniqueness in every piece
Crafting beauty | Tall ship admiral line
Quality You Can Trust:
  • Historical accuracy: Extensive research through original plans and pictures makes our models true to life.
  • Model ship building: 100% hand built from scratch using "plank on frame" or "plank on bulkhead" method.
  • Hundreds of hours of work go into our high quality models.
  • Made of quality wood such as western red cedar, mahogany, rosewood, teak, and more
  • Chrome, brass, and cast metal fittings and ornaments add richness and verisimilitude
  • Each model must pass a demanding quality control process before leaving the workshop and making its voyage to you With a commitment to historical accuracy, every model undergoes extensive research based on original plans and pictures, ensuring authenticity. Our models are 100% hand-built from scratch, utilizing premium woods like western red cedar, mahogany, and teak. Metal fittings and ornaments add richness, while a rigorous quality control process guarantees excellence in every model.
  • Wholesale Services: We understand the importance of supporting our retail partners. Our comprehensive marketing materials, including high-quality images and product descriptions, empower retailers to promote our products effectively. Our dedicated sales team works closely with customers, offering personalized service to meet their unique business needs. Become our reseller! International Delivery: With a streamlined and reliable international delivery system, we ensure that our products reach customers across the globe in perfect condition. Whether in Europe, Asia, or beyond, our partnerships with trusted shipping carriers guarantee timely and secure delivery of your order.
    Custom Made Models: We custom build any models upon requet. The below model was built for the Grey Goose company a few years ago. It usually take 2-4 month to custom build a model depend on complexity and availability of material. We would need original plan (if available), or as many images and details as possible to make a good quality models.
    Our Promise: At Old Modern Handicrafts, we're committed to providing not just products but an experience�a celebration of maritime history and superior craftsmanship. Our sales team is ready to assist in every step, ensuring our handcrafted model ships and nautical decor enrich your business and delight your customers.
    Ship models - Our Promise
    Choose Old Modern Handicrafts as your supplier, and discover the perfect blend of history, craftsmanship, and exceptional service. Join us in bringing the golden age of sailing to homes and offices worldwide. Contact us today and let our expertise elevate your business to new heights! Visit our website at omhusa.com for a voyage into the world of timeless artistry. Creating a trade account with us today!
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